The Trinity

xRhodium was introduced to a market environment that lacked the appeal for traders looking for a long-term investment. Ever since xRhodium has met every objective to fulfil this role, one that no single commodity has managed to subsume so far.


xRhodium’s inherent qualities naturally discern it from the plethora of altcoins available on the market that lack any viable use case. But more importantly, they are the bases to a natural convergence with Bitcoin and Litecoin. The three coins (XRC, BTC, LTC) form an efficient ecosystem that can facilitate users/investors with different needs and preferences.

Where LTC has traditionally provided its users with primarily transactional properties and BTC reigns over the market with speculative investments, xRhodium emerges as the natural complement to meet the demand for a long-term crypto investment that is bound to traditional markets through its role in the FreeMarketOne solution. For these reasons xRhodium represents the final piece of the puzzle, the Trinity, whose efficient co-existence satisfies the complete spectrum of investors and their diverse needs.

Use Cases

The Trinity

xRhodium with its use case fills the gap in the market and together with BTC and LTC forms an efficient ecosystem, the Trinity, that fulfils needs of most investors.

Strong Hands programme

Strong Hands and exit-aversion; two qualities that set xRhodium investors apart from the rest. Reinforce your position and build your stack through a free participation in the Strong Hands Programme.

P2P xRhodium
Metals Market

One of the long-term priorities of xRhodium is to provide stakeholders in the precious metal markets with a decentralised a method of P2P exchange.